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There are approximately 5.3 million people in Finland, and roughly 1.6 million registered, privately owned guns. Finland is among the top ten countries in the world with the highest gun ownership rates.

Most of the guns are used for hunting, whilst some are only admired. Sometimes guns are used in gun violence. In 2003 − 2011,almost 1,100 homicides occurred in Finland. Roughly 17% were committed with guns, and 45% of these with registered guns.

Some people argue that that the large number of firearms increases security and the risk of crime. Others maintain that guns guarantee safety. There exists a lively debate, for and against guns, in different forums.

The great gun debate explores and analyses this discussion. It assembles gun related statements, sayings and blurts from various platforms. An imaginary studio discussion −− focusing on reasons behind gun ownership and use, the need to restrict guns as well as the overall recreational gun use −− takes place.


The project has received support from AVEK, JOKES Lehtikuvaajarahasto and kyykky. Special thanks to HSC Helsinki Shooting Club.


Length: 35:07 min
Full HD
Sound Dolby Digital 5.1


Jukka Voutilainen
Timo Torikka
Mika Piispa
Sanna-Kaisa Palo
Jussi Nikkilä
Antti Luusuaniemi
Hannu Kivioja
Tommi Eronen

Teemu Koivisto

b-camera operator:
Timo Nissi

sound designer and sound recordist:
Antti Onkila

boom operator:
Tuomas Järnefelt

production advisor:
Kristiina Koskinen

production assistans:
Viivi Huuska

make-up artists:
Heini Kortelainen
Keiku Borgström

Lotta Kaarna

image post-production:
Teemu Koivisto

sound post-production:
Antti Onkila / Finnvox Cinepost

screenplay and direction:
Harri Pälviranta