REHEARSALS (1999–, ongoing)

Rehearsalsis a follow-up project that Pälviranta started in Turku, Finland in 1999, and that the artist intends to continue “until my legs no longer let me”. Through the series, Pälviranta proves that he is “a fit citizen” and comments on today’s heroic culture, where success is associated with good physical condition or at least a healthy lifestyle, as in Ancient Greece. The artist performs exercise routines in front of the camera, including an element of playfulness as the camera mainly captures in-between states and imperfection. Pälviranta says that he wants to highlight what corporeality means to him: inadequacy and the difficulty of achieving your goals, but also experimentation and pleasure.

Although photographic art is a serious practice, a sudden burst of self-reflective laughter may arise in surprising moments. These performances are an outcome of a sudden collapse of seriousness.

Each individual picture 20 x 20 cm, installed in grids of 9 or 16 pictures.
Archival pigment prints on composite aluminium

Installation view from The Finnish Museum Photography, 2018 - 2019

Golan Heights, Israel 2018

New York, USA 2015

Santa Pola, Spain 2013

Rhodes, Greece 2011

Borsch, Albania 2006

Turku, Finland 1999