Installation picture from CFF, Stockholm, Sweden 2014



To be in touch with guns is an ambiguous state of affairs. Feelings and thought towards guns and shooting can also be difficult to articulate. Certainly guns and shooting provoke senses in alternative levels. To feel the cold metal in one’s hand may excite or appease. On the other hand, some people are terrified of shooting and guns.

Relatedness between shooting and photographing is intriguing – fundamentally both produce vestiges. Following this, a photographic trace can be assimilated with the wound caused by the bullet. And vice versa, a bullet hole is an image-like imprint, whether in human or animal skin or in aluminum plate. A photograph that has been touched by a bullet, can also be understood as a casualty. For the picture, this is not fatal. For a human or animal, it may well be.

Pictures are plain white or black photographs mounted on aluminum and then shot through.