Winter war combat area, Salla, Finland

Through these beaches nearly 260 000 soldiers escaped to UK when Germans took over France in 1940. Dungerque, France.

Russian watchtower in Grenze Jakobselv, Norway

Center for desert war training. Fort Irwin national training center, USA

The road of Raate, Finland Winter war combat area.

Image photographed from the top of a German bunker facing Sweden. Fradrikshavn, Denmark

Coastal gunnery range, Gyltö, Finland

During the Second WW Germans were building their atomic weapon in the cellar of the town castle. Haigerloch, Germany.

Second WW combat fields, Nennig, Germany

Nevada test site, testing site for atomic weapons, USA.

Gunnery range, Pohjankangas, Finland

Rovajärvi gunnery range and weapons testing area, Finland.

Radar systems, Denmark

Pohjankangas artillery test groud, Finland

Radar systems, Vardö, Norway

Military parade, Kajaani, Finland

"No stopping for 8 kilometres", NATO airfield, Norway

Military parade, Kajaani, Finland